Portable speaker


A hearing aid speaker designed to assist those experiencing age-related hearing loss. As we age, our ability to hear high-frequency sounds decreases, making it difficult to hear women's and children's voices. Our speaker is here to help, enhancing the speech of high-frequency sounds like S, T, K, P and F to compensate for hearing loss. This results in a better communication experience for all.
Our speaker boasts extra clear sound and is capable of reproducing mid and high frequency sounds for those with hearing loss. It's also easy to carry and features wireless/Bluetooth functionality.
The speaker functions as a portable device with a fast-charging base and a built-in rechargeable battery. The volume is adjustable, and the device is wireless, portable, and lightweight. Additionally, it features Bluetooth connectivity.
Bluetooth Version V5.3
Transmission frequency 2.4G〜 2.48G
Transmission power CLASS 2

Battery and Charging Section
Charging Current 5V 1C
Charging Time <1.5H
Battery 1×18650
Battery Voltage 3.7V
Battery Capacity 2200mAh*2
Charging Port Type-C (fast charge)

RF Transmission 2.4GHz Frequency
Low Latency 12.5MS
Frequency Response 20~20000Hz

Electroacoustic Specification
Speaker D77*30H 4 OHM/MAX-15W
Number of Channel 2.0
Frequency Range 100〜20000Hz
Microphone Specifications D6050 -42dB
Actual output power 8W(THD+N = 1 %)
Maximum output power 15W
Input Sensitivity (AP Audio Tester) 50MV
Total Harmonic Distortion
(AP Audio Tester)
THD <3%